NLCS Game 1 Giants vs. Cardinals

October 11, 2014

On a day when prior commitments could not be cancelled, two disastrous events occurred. My DVR did not adhere to extended play, and FOX Sports 1 performed an awful experiment with our national past time. After missing the Royals remarkable rally in the 9th – making a mockery out of the Orioles home field advantage, I switched over to the first game of the NLCS. I fast forwarded to the start of the game and found it odd that the in studio play by play crew kept interrupting the game with a breakdown of sabermetric statistical bulls**t. (Look it up) Now mind you, I had no idea this was an alternative to the regular broadcast on FOXD. So, while the screen continued to be split in two, focusing more on the pundits than the players, I kept thinking, are they going to do this all f**cking night? At times, these guys weren’t evening watching the game. Uh, excuse me, can you shut up for a second, Ishikawa just drove in a run! It was like sitting in a movie theater next to a chatty neighbor who’s explaining the plot to their clueless friend. Finally, C.J. Nitkowski informed the viewing audience of their experiment, but by then, I was so pissed off that I didn’t tape the other version that I stopped watching because it was so damn distracting. If their goal was to give fans a better understanding of the game, mission unaccomplished, because they may have confused them more than Russell Crowe did in, “A Beautiful Mind.” RISP and OBP, fine. But FIP and WAR? What is it good for? Please spare me the details for the sake of giving me details, because I could truly care less if a player hit well with or without a jock. I eventually went to bed, unaware of the final score, and awoke to a 3-0 Giants victory. From what I read, rather than witnessed, Bumgarner did everything right, while Wainwright was on the receiving end of wrong. Bad defensive play by the Cardinals further added to their woes, and I know its just one game, but I’m not sure these birds have a limb to stand on.

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