NY Giants Serial Self Destruction

The way the NY Giants have been playing these past seven weeks, one would think they’re actually trying to set the record for the amount of points they can go ahead before losing the game.

At a time of year when it ‘tis the season of giving, Manning and company were quite generous handing the Jaguars their second win on a silver platter and bestowing Blake Borties with his first game-winning drive.

After their serial self-destruction in the second half, poor, poor, pitiful coach Coughlin lamented to the press, “It’s a loss we feel we should have won. We’ve done this too many times… I’m upset with everything. I’m upset with me.” I think he’ll be even more upset come the end of the season when he’ll most likely be out of a job.

What’s so baffling about the Giants is that they’re not a bad team; they just play like one. They also have this uncanny ability to play badly the same way every single game; so much so, that it’s become as formulated as a crappy sitcom.

In the first quarter, NY had possession for all but two minutes, holding Jacksonville to a total of nine yards! After the end of the second quarter, they were up 21-3. What the hell happens during halftime that causes them to have a hellacious second half? Why, in the words of the late, great Yogi Berra, is it always, “déjà vu all over again?”

With no money left on the meter of the Giants’ football season, let’s see if they can at least not make more of a mockery of themselves next week, and defeat the terrible 2 and 10 Tennessee Titans.


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