The 76ers Dodge An 0-18 Bullet In Minneapolis

Last night’s Timberwolves/76ers game started out in an bizarre way.  After Philadelphia won the tip off, the game was stopped sixteen seconds in when referee Zach Zarba realized the Sixer’s were going in the wrong direction.  Zarba’s call was so right for so many reasons.

When play resumed, Philadelphia did what they haven’t been able to do all season long; beat their opponents, dodging an 0-18 tying bullet, a record they so desperately didn’t want to achieve.

They may not have stopped a top tier team, but at least they beat someone. Look, at this point, it would have been cause for celebration if they defeated teens on a high school court.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, cellar dwellers in their own conference, were unable to contain a crappier team that shot just 39 percent, turned the ball over 19 times and scored only nine points in the second quarter. It doesn’t feel good to lose, but it must feel even worse to be the bearer of handing an opposing team the end to their 17 game losing streak.

Sometimes being a footnote could be quite a compliment, but in this case, it’s a reference you’d rather not be attached to.

And speaking of footnotes, peak performance coach Tony Robbins, after hearing about the 76ers losing record, offered to appear on “SportsNation” to give the team some inspiration. We’ll never know if his magic mojo were a factor, but maybe Zen master, Phil Jackson, should summon Robbins to help, my discombobulated NY Knicks, absorb the triangle defense.


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