Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel Dilemma

In an effort to prove how committed he is to his career with the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel threw a party Friday night that resulted in a suspension of a fellow teammate, and a hefty fine for himself.

After what appears to be a really bad audible, “Johnny Football,” had anything but football on his mind when he was AWOL from a Brown’s walk through, and a treatment session for his pulled hamstring.

Pretty arrogant for a guy who wants to be “the guy” for his Cleveland team. I know he’s a rookie, but if he wants to be “the man” he better man up and stop making rookie mistakes. And if he thinks being big man on campus accounts for anything, he better redo his playbook because no one playing in the NFL could give a crap.

His performance this season has been so bad that he doesn’t even qualify for, “what have you done for me lately?” Because his lately stats fall exceedingly short for a Heisman trophy winner hyped to be the Brown’s second coming quarterback. With 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and a total of 175 yards, he’ll be lucky if he has a second season.

Manziel came to the Browns with a history of off the field antics but now that they’ve bled onto the field, Cleveland, you have a problem. So with this barrage of very bad behavior, the million-dollar dilemma is, do they hold on to their, “doing the little money sign” menace, or cut him loose for someone cares more about throwing completed passes or ill planned parties?

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