Bill Belichick and Bill Nye the Science Guy

In an effort to clear his team of any culpability, Bill Belichick went all science guy Bill Nye this weekend, conducting his own experiment into how 11 out of 12 Patriots footballs were deflated.

After spewing about equilibrium and atmospheric pressure, he claimed the Patriots found that rubbing the footballs to change the feel raised air pressure inside them in a controlled environment. But once they were on the field for an extended period, the PSI dropped by about 1.5 pounds. Although when re-tested inside, Belichick said the PSI was down only 1 pound.

How can we be expected to possibly believe that rubbing balls of any sort would cause deflation? Unless of course, the football was just not that into you.

Belichick further stated, “The situation is the preparation of the ball caused the ball to, I would say, be artificially high in PSI when it was set to the regulated level, and then it reached its equilibrium at some point later on, an hour or two hours into the game, whatever it was, that that level was below what was set in this climatic condition. That’s exactly what happened. And I think anybody who wants to do those experiments should go ahead and do them themselves. Don’t take my word for it.”

I’m not. And neither is the real science guy, Bill Nye, who didn’t buy Belichick’s cockamamie explanation for a barometric second. On Nye’s appearance on ‘Good Morning America,’ where it was wake up and smell the improbable, he said, “Rubbing the football, I don’t think you can change the pressure. To really change the pressure, you really need one of these… the inflation needle.”

So, if the Patriots really want to change the minds of those who doubt them, they’ll have to riddle us this: Why were their balls and those of the Colts, under the same conditions, at such different degrees of deflation? And until he delivers those answers, like Ricky demanded of Lucy on oh so many occasions, Bill Belichick, you got a lot more ‘splainin to do.



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