The Super Bowl The Patriots Stole From Seattle

Seattle was given a gift from God, 5 yards shy of the end zone, only to have it taketh away by the all time biggest bonehead play in Super Bowl history.

After Russell Wilson’s beautiful 33-yard bomb miraculously bobbled into the hands of Jermaine Kearse, Seattle was on the precipice of taking the 4th Lombardi trophy out of the Patriots hands.

But with less than a minute to play, with the ball on the one-yard line, Malcolm Butler made a game saving interception that will leave Paul Allen, and every Seahawks fan, sleepless in Seattle for a very long time.

I am not a football coach, but I play one on my couch every time I watch a game. And as someone who calls plays from home, what I want to know is, how the hell did Pete Carroll not give the ball to Marshawn Lynch with two more chances to get into the end zone while taking more time off the clock?

Instead they make a foolish pass, to Ricky Ricardo Lockette, who with all due respect, made some catches earlier, but don’t give the ball to the best running back on the planet?  He’s called The Beast Mode, for god’s sake!  Who sends in Jimmy Olsen, when you have Superman on the bench?

Yeah, Seattle coulda, shoulda, woulda won the game, but you have to give props to the Patriots for their almost perfect passing game. Seattle had very few answers for Brady’s quick release and pinpoint precision. New England has way too many offensive weapons. If it’s not Edelman, it’s Amendola or LaFell and when LaFell can’t do it, Gronkowski can.

Tonight Brady added three more accolades to his accomplished career surpassing Joe Montana with 13 Super Bowl touchdown passes, while joining Montana with four Lombardi Trophies, and three Super Bowl MVPs.

Wilson flashed some greatness with some running back moves, and three key completions to Chris Matthews, who last year was working as a security guard at Foot Locker protecting cheap versions of the shoes he was wearing.  After tonight’s performance, 109 receiving yards and one touchdown, it’s hard to believe he never caught a pass in the NFL.

Jeremy Lane stopped the Patriots from doing more damage late in the first quarter with a leaping grab at the goal line. Unfortunately, he paid a hefty price for his first professional pick injuring his wrist after being taken down by Julian Edelman. His loss hurt Seattle severely, as his replacement, Tharold Simon, could not contain New England’s arsenal of wide receivers.

So, for all of the deflated football drama leading up to the game, the hype was worth the price of admission – well, at least to my friend’s house where it cost 15 bucks for the entry fee to the football pool. The team I was rooting for may not have taken home any championship rings, but I walked away with 30 more big ones than I came in with.

As a footnote, I predicted Seattle over New England 28-24, but it turned out to be in Hebrew.

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    Very clever! One of your best posts.

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