The Lakers Awful Overtime Celebration Over The Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers hit an all time low Sunday night with their ill-conceived celebration over their overtime win against the Boston Celtics.

Bottom feeders since the beginning of their sorry season, three of the teams underachieving a-holes flaunted their frivolous defeat in front of the camera as if they just power forwarded their way into the playoffs.

The lousy law firm of Hill, Boozer and Young video bombed Jeremy Lin’s post game interview, with Young leading the chant, “We’re still in the building.” Yeah, you’re in the building, al right, but unfortunately, it’s in the basement; a dwelling the Buss family has been overpaying you to live in all year.

Let’s have a hard court reality check here, Mr. self-proclaimed, “Swaggy P.” Before tonight you were 14-41. And you beat the Celtics! You didn’t wow the Wizards, or get the best of the Bulls. You blew a nine-point lead and beat a team in overtime that’s almost as bad as the team you play on.

And Nick Young, here’s another stat for you to consider when you shoot your mouth off better than your jump shot. You are the second losingest player in the NBA. There is no swagger in basketball when you’re 26 shy of 500. The only swag you own is the Nike uniform, and warm up suit on your back.

So before you and your fellow inflated ego’d brethren bask in the afterglow of back-to-back wins, try to have a little humility because you are light years from drinking any champagne in the Laker’s locker room.

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