The Return Of Chris Paul And Emergence of Austin Rivers Blow Away The Rockets

The return of Chris Paul may have given the Clippers an emotional lift, but it was the emergence of Austin Rivers that was the talk of the town. The coach’s kid picked a perfect time to score a career playoff high 25 points going into tomorrow’s pivotal game 4.

Dwight Howard discounted Doc’s son, saying, “You can’t allow guys like Austin Rivers to score 25. That’s too much for him.” Well, apparently, he was too much for you. And speaking of what can’t be allowed is guys like you shooting 5-11 from the field and 4-11 from the line. You and your unpropelled Rockets got schooled, big guy, by the new NBA boy on the block.

J.J. Reddick had a banner day on the court, leading the offense with 31, one shy of perfect from behind the arc, while Blake Griffin continues to feast on double doubles, 24 with 14 assists, his 10th straight in the postseason.

Seeing the Clippers blow a team away, rather than blow a big lead late in the game was a beautiful site to behold. Let’s see if they can uphold this momentum by stealing another one at home, and finally go where no Clipper team has gone before – The Western Conference finals.

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