Buzzer Beating Beauties and Another Blowout by Clippers Over the Rockets

It was a weekend of buzzer beating beauties as Paul Pierce, Derrick Rose and LeBron James went Robert Horry from behind the arc, making this NBA Playoff series the best it’s been in years.

But at the Staples Center, the Clippers didn’t need any last minute heroics, as they dismantled Dwight Howard and his pack of pitiful players with another embarrassing blowout.

Howard was flustered early and often, fouling out in the 4th quarter, then sent to his locker room without dinner after committing two technicals – the second of which was the result a thrown ball at the feet of a ref.

Houston’s desperate Hack-a-Shaq on DeAndre Jordan only fueled his desire to siphon any red glare that remained from the Rockets. What he missed at the line, he made up for around the rim, rebounding on both ends, dunking and alley-ooping over every disillusioned Houston defender.

Like déjà vu, Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford gave LA a lot of bang off the bench with a combined 25, while the combination of assists from Chris Paul to Blake Griffin to DJ were pure poetry in motion. And while the Clippers basked in the return of an even healthier CP3, Houston wallowed in desperate need of some serious CPR.

Down by 29 with over five minutes to play, you know you’re on life support when the starting five from the opposing team is done for the day, and their subs are kicking your basketball behind.

And through the carnage, Kevin, Herman Munster, McHale could only moan through his teeth as he watching his players diminished basketball skills sink deeper and deeper into the hardwood floor.

With the Clippers on the brink of franchise history, with a commanding 3-1 lead over the Rockets, there is very little Ariza to believe that Houston has a shot in hell to play more than one more game at home.




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