Houston Puts The Big Hurt On The Clippers


Houston put the big hurt on LA with a 40-15 run in the 4th quarter, to force a game seven on their home sweet home advantage court.

In the 3rd quarter, the Rockets couldn’t buy a basket, and then in the 4th, the Clippers were giving them away for free.

It was a tale of two teams – and I’m just talking about the Clippers.  They were the best of times, they were the worst of times, and they picked a very bad time to be bad.

On the brink of making franchise history, they let a 19-point lead go to their head, celebrating prematurely, 12 minutes before the final buzzer.

They stunk up the Staples Center to the tune of missing their last 15 of 16 FG’s.  After scoring 28 points for three quarters of the game, Blake Griffin gave no more, unable to penetrate a pumped up Houston defense.

Corey Brewer and Josh Smith took a toll on the Clippers with 3 point precision.  Brewer scored all of his 19 in the final quarter, while Smith collected 14 to along with five from before.

And Houston was fruitful in the 4th without their MVP hero, James Harden.  Still feeling the effects of the flu, he gave another sick performance, with 11 for 11 foul shooting, and 13 more points from the field.

The magnitude of this loss for LA is an 8.0 on the Western Conference Richter scale. There’s a lot of emotional damage to clean up.  They had a 10-point lead with 7 ½ minutes to play. Houston’s premiere player was on the bench.  They were at home.  They had it in the palm of their giant hands, and now if they don’t finish off the Rockets in Houston, they’ll be going home again, but not in a good way.

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