Game 1 is a Golden State of Mind for the Warriorss

King James left the building with 44 big ones, but Curry and company walked off with the win, as the Warriors grabbed game 1, putting them in a glorious Golden State of mind.

For four quarters, Cleveland gave the Northern California boys quite a scare, yet when push came to overtime shove, the Cavs went cold, going 1-13, tying a very bad NBA record.

Tonight was all about the bench, something Cleveland did not step up to, as they were outscored 34-9.

With 26 seconds remaining in regulation, Kyrie Irving made a brilliant block on Curry’s attempted go head lay-up, then moments later, limped off the court with a possible re-aggravated left knee.

And just when you thought this championship series had all the makings of a monumental match-up, we’ll await to see if an ill-fated MRI on Friday will stand in the way of an even playing field.

I’m not a big Cavs fan, but I am a fan of a fair fight, and like Steve Kerr, the classy coach of the Warriors, I hope Irving is not AWOL and healthy enough to resume play on Sunday.

LeBron may be great, but 44 personal points will not bring any bling to his hometown, especially without a lot of Kevin Love, and the likes of an Aussie named, Kyrie.

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