Curry’s Flurry of 3’s Gives Golden State a 3-2 Series Lead

Cleveland hung with the homeboys until late in the 4th quarter, but Curry and his flurry of 3’s put a dagger in their hopeful hearts, as Golden State takes a 3-2 series lead, coming one step closer to ending their 40-year NBA Championship drought.

Stephen Curry gave the MVP performance we’ve been waiting for, and this time, he didn’t save his heroics for the waning moments when the damage had already been done.

David Blatt, taking a page from Steve Kerr’s small-ball success, had diminishing returns as his fatigued starting five would have had a much easier time keeping up with the Kardasian’s than the far from being winded Warriors.

For probably the first time in his professional career, Timothy Mozgov, coming off his best outing with 28 points in his previous start, was told he was too tall to participate in the sport he gets paid a large sum of money to tower over people.

JR Smith, who took Mozgov’s center stage, worked wonders in the first half, with 4 from downtown. He then offensively skipped town completely, his only contribution, a nasty flagrant foul which will cost him a suspension in a possible game 7, if he repeats this behavior Tuesday night.

LeBron, the self proclaimed best player in the world, doubled his pleasure from a disappointing game 4, scoring 40 points with 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

James is arguably the greatest player in the league – I’d just rather hear it from anyone else but him.

The Cavs are on the ropes, but with The King as their trainer and cut man, it’s difficult to discount what Cleveland is capable of doing.

Ever since season ending injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, James has been a human U-Haul truck – carrying the Cavaliers to a championship game six that they should have lost in 5.

As confident as LeBron is about his team taking it all the way, I can confidently say that Dellavedova’s day in the sun has set. It’ll be a fun fact for the NBA files that he was able to contain Curry for 2 games, but for the rest of the Finals, he’ll be a mere footnote.

I believe that Golden State’s talent runs too deep for the Cavaliers to compete in the next few games. Even if they somehow steal one at home, they will not outlast the Warriors in game 7 at Oracle Arena.

Stephen Curry’s clutch play, his splash brother in crime, Klay Thompson, Andre Igoudala, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes dynamic presence in and out of the paint, along with a bench that Steve Kerr can count on, (Leandro Barbosa had 13 points!) is the reason the Warriors will be wearing brand new t-shirts, with matching hats on Tuesday or Friday.


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