Cleveland’s Rockyesque Run For the Title Ran Out of Gas Against Golden State

Cleveland’s Rockyesque run for the title ran out of gas, as they fall to Golden State in 6.

All series long, the Cavs were the depleted team that could, and down the stretch, with two of their main ingredients missing in action, they were no match for the fully stocked Warriors.

Curry continued with his dangerous downtown shooting. Draymond Green had a night fit for a king, recording a triple double. And Andre, the giant, Iguodala was named Finals MVP for all of his bountiful contributions off the bench, and short stint in the starting line-up. The larger than life small forward kept Cleveland at bay with an array of timely baskets and brilliant defense against LeBron James.

There are those who will debate whether or not LeBron should have been bestowed with MVP honors. No question, he is a menace to NBA society whenever he steps onto the court. And yes, he is the reason the Cavs were even a contender in the Finals. But how fitting it was to grace the guy who denied the King from donning another crown.

Late in the 4th quarter, down by 15, Cleveland clawed their way back to close the gap to 4, with the help of JR Smith, who finally found his three-point touch. With 33 seconds left, it looked like the Cavs had some magic up their sleeveless sleeves, but time and costly turnovers were not on their side, and the playoff party, no one ever thought they’d get invited to, came to a disappointing end.

You have to give kudos to the Cavs for keeping it close and turning what could have been a bore of basketball series, into an enthralling event that gave the highly favorite Warriors a run for their millionaire money.

This NBA Finals definitely delivered on the promise. We got to see small ball at it’s best. LeBron lift a limp line-up to new heights. Curry’s Globetrotter dribbling and draining of 3’s. And two rookie head coaches go head to head to try and win a championship in their first outing.

Now, back to baseball.

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