Noah Syndergaard Can’t Get a Grip on the Road Against Baltimore

Noah Syndergaard’s days on the road fall deeper and deeper into despair, as the rookie right hander can’t seem to get a grip on winning away from home.  The Mets lead in the NL East shrunk to 3 1/2, which is no cause for alarm, but their relief pitching is raising some very red flags.

Syndergaard was cruising along without a care in Camden Yards until the sixth when he surrendered a double, followed by a two run dinger to Jonathan Schoop, which tied the score at 3.

I know the Mets can’t win every game, but when they’re up by 2 with nine outs remaining I expect them to go the distance and rule the day.

Syndergaard was cooking with his curveball, but after fatigue set in in the bottom of the sixth, he relied too heavily on his fastballs, and when the first three batters would not be denied, he was lifted for relief that the Mets couldn’t rely on.

After the Amazins Wilmer Flores got the go ahead homer in the top of the seventh, Logan Verrett, the brief Baltimore Oriole, silenced his former birds, 1, 2, 3. But in the bottom of the inning, Hansel Robel, who so badly needed Gretel, gave up the tying run.

The consistent Tyler Clippard kept the Mets even in the eighth, and his team made some noise in the ninth with a couple of singles, which unfortunately, went nowhere.

And then, in the bottom of the frame, Carlos Torres, in place of Clippard, gave up a shallow walk off homer to Henry Urrutia, the first of his young career.

The Mets will resume on Thursday with a three game stint against the Rockies, who will be seeking redemption after being clobbered four straight in Queens.

Bartolo Colon goes up against fellow right-hander, Jon Gray, who is hungry for his first major league win. The rotund 42 year-old Dominican can still dominate, but he’s developing quite a complex over his teammates lack of offense whenever he takes the mound.

With too many lousy losses and no decisions under his royal blue belt, he too is starving for some win column attention.

Here’s lookin’ at a lot of Met mile high heroics tomorrow at 5:40… Pacific Standard Time.

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