The Giants Colossal Loss to the Cowboys

It has taken me a day to stop shaking my head over the bonehead playmaking of Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his sidekick coach, Tom Coughlin that led to their colossal loss to the Cowboys.

What’s so disturbing about the Giants defeat is not that it occurred, but the manner in which it was achieved. And it wasn’t due to poor decisions; it was Manning and Coughlin’s collective mathematical incompetence that did them in.

Throughout the entire game, the Giants secondary were the recipients of a lot of good fortune at the expense of a few clumsy Cowboys. A fumble, two botched receptions that bounced into NY’s hands, and an interception gave the Giants a game that was theirs to lose, and this is how they lost it.

With his team ahead 23-20, 1:54 left on the clock, first and goal on Dallas’ two-yard line, and the Cowboys out of timeouts, Manning tells his running back, Rashad Jennings not to score a touch down. Then tells him on the next play not to score again, so Jennings being a respectful employee, listens to his boss, and stops 1 yard shy of the end zone.

At this point, I wonder what Jennings is thinking, and the rest of the team along with the khaki clad coaches on the sidelines. Somewhere during their huddle or no huddle offense, someone needed to speak up and say, “Uh, do you not realize that a touch down is a good thing here? We’ll be up by 10 with less than two minutes to play, oh, and by the way, the Cowboys have no more time outs.

So the Giants settle for a field goal, then on Dallas’ next possession, they don’t indulge in man to man coverage, allow Tony Romo a deluge of dump passes, and the Cowboys launch a heartbreaking 27-26 comeback.

In hostile territory, NY blew a door wide-open opportunity to walk out of Texas a winner, and make a statement against a team that has taken them down seven times to none, prior to yesterday’s game.







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