Mental Mistakes by Manning Gave Falcons 24-20 Gift

Oops, the Giants did it again, blowing another chance to make it a three-possession game late in the 4th quarter and more mental mistakes gave the Falcons a 24-20 gift from the football gods.

Eli Manning has made a mockery of his quarterback position with another maddening meltdown costing his team a 1-1 record and redemption for their lousy loss to the Cowboys.

With the score 20-10, the Giants were 3rd and 7 with a chance to go up by 17. But Manning’s poor judgment in the pocket prolonged the snap, causing a five yard delay of game penalty, putting the Giants 3rd and 12, which they couldn’t convert.

Last week it was Manning’s math challenged coma – yesterday it was his inability to tell time. What malfunction will it be next week? Tripping over his laces for lack of being able to tie his own shoes?

He has officially become the loser version of himself on the commercials he currently does for Direct TV.

Eli, do all of your fans a favor. When you take the field this Thursday, try not to be any version of yourself.


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