The Mets Fall to the Braves, but Reduce Magic Number to 5 Over the Nationals

For the second consecutive night the Mets squander early leads, and maintain a magic number 5 to clinch the NL East, compliments of my new best friends, the Baltimore Orioles.

The Nationals are mimicking the Mets poor performance at the worst possible time, but NY better not get too cozy with this arrangement.

Getting into the playoffs on the misfortunes of the men who are chasing you is not going to do well for morale. NY needs to win. It’s that plain and simple.

The Mets are showing some cracks, and if they don’t get their pitching act together, their appearance in the Fall Classic is going to be a different year to be named later.

Tuesday, NY’s fill in right-hander in the starting rotation, Logan Verrett, failed for the first time, and tonight, Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman came off the bench to beat the Mets with a three run blast in the ninth.

And the worst part of Freeman’s home run, is that he hit it off of 41 game saving Jeurys Familia, which means the “for sures,” are not for sure anymore.

For the remainder of the regular season, the Mets have a very soft schedule. Four with the last place Reds, three with the last place Phillies, and two against their nemesis Nationals.

I am off to France tomorrow for two weeks. I won’t be contributing much because I am traveling without my computer. With the weather and the exchange rate, it’s the best time to go to Europe. But with the playoffs kicking off in October, it’s the worst to go to Europe if you’re a bleeding heart baseball fan.   C’est la vie.

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