LeBron Out MVPS The Reigning One To Force A Game 7

Yesterday I arrived in Martha’s Vineyard to attend the wedding of my childhood friend’s middle daughter. During this time of nuptials and the NBA Finals, I’m spending the weekend camped out in a cottage along with two other girlfriends whom I also grew up with.

They both tolerate my love of sports, but last night, with one TV between us, I would have had more luck watching Game of Thrones, than the Cavs/Warriors crucial game six. It’s times like these that I wish I could have given a crash course on the significance of a possible game seven.

Thankfully, they tired early, so after taking in twenty minutes of the OJ doc on ESPN, their way of meeting me halfway, they sought out some slumber, and I got to witness the second half of what I hoped would happen – Cleveland forcing a final meeting at Oracle Arena in Oakland on Sunday.

When the series was 3-1 in Golden State’s favor, the thought of Cleveland climbing back to win it all was something you’d get laughed out of town for if you dared to take that opinion public.

LeBron and the team he not so secretly coaches, looked terrible in games 1, 2 and 4, and even though Curry’s crew were pretty awful, losing by 30, at home, in game 3, it has shades of the improbable Red Sox/Yankees outcome of 2004.

Showing what damage he can do when he is feeling his NBA oats, James devoured the Warriors offensively and defensively – outscoring the regular season MVP he thought he should be, by 11. And now he’s on a mission to fulfill the promise he made to his hometown – to make good for what he made bad when he moved to Miami.

Curry lost his cool toward the end of the 4th quarter when he fouled out on a play that could have gone either way. The usually tame point guard then received a technical for firing his mouthpiece into the front row, striking a fan.

No one would have imagined that the Warriors, who plowed their way into the record books, with 73 regular season wins, would be on the brink of elimination to a team they annihilated the first two games of the Finals.

But with Draymond Green’s absence in game 5, and without the injured Andrew Bogut’s presence in game 6, the defending champs, not playing with poise, are dangerously close to seeing their historic ride and possible repeat title come to what would we be a devastating end.

So now that the Cavs have lived to see another day, they hope that after fighting back from being behind the eight ball, the Warriors, after running the table, will scratch on their final shot.

And if the girls bogart the TV, I will have no problem leaving our quiet, cozy cottage for a noisy neighborhood bar.


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