Syndergaard Can’t Save Mets From a 3 Game Sweep At Citi Field

The Mets are officially a .500 team with a demoralizing 9-0 loss to the NL West bottom dwelling Diamondbacks.

Arizona came into Queens 21 games behind the eight ball, then swept NY under the Citi Field rug, provoking boos from the thousands of fed up loyal fans.

Last season’s fairy tale starting pitching staff has morphed into a Nightmare on Elm Street, and Terry Collins’ cut and paste line-up cards are becoming less reliable than a deadbeat dad.

The consistent inconsistency is killing this team. And the one constant storyline of Curtis Granderson in the leadoff spot with a .323 OBP needs to be rewritten.

Young guns Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard are running out of bullets due to bone spurs and arm fatigue, while bat-wielding veterans are flailing at the plate.

Thursday was also another reminder of how crucial the Mets are in need of the likes of catcher Jonathan Lucroy, as the opposing pitcher, Bradley Shipley stole a base, without a throw, one of the 13 that the Diamondbacks swiped in this series.

In a 4-minute post game rant, Collins ripped his players a new one, threatening to take a gamble and replace his current roster with Triple A prospects that are chomping at the bit to leave Las Vegas.

“They are Major League Baseball players. I don’t care where they came from. I don’t care how they got here,” Collins simmered at the start of his rant. “The names on their backs and on the front of their uniforms say they are a Major League Baseball player. You come (here), you owe a responsibility to the fans, our fan base and the organization — to yourself — the respect for this game to grind it out.”

Maybe Collins needs to take a spoonful of his own criticizing medicine after Sunday’s nonchalant admission to not challenge a play at the plate that decided the game. “I didn’t think about it,” Collins said. “Plain and simple. [The replay official] said he’s out, so I said okay.”

Yes, the Mets are in a monumental slump and can field a team with all of their players on the DL, but at some point the manager and front office need to be accountable.

In any aspect of life, not thinking is not okay. And speaking of not thinking – why is Logan Verrett still one of their starting pitchers?


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