Rookie Jared Goff Gets 3 TD’s In Saints Rout of Rams 49-21

In an unbalanced battle between two 4-6 teams, the Saints routed the Rams 49-21 begging the question, how ineffective does a coach have to be to get canned in the NFL?

As his 4-7 club barely clings to life in the NFC West, Jeff Fisher can’t find the antidote to save a broken down defense, and running game that hasn’t been realized all season.

Jared Goff gave it the old rookie try with an impressive 3 TD’s in the first two quarters, but struggled over the latter half because the coaches who hold the play calling keys to the Rams old transplanted car have a tattered Thomas Guide in their glove compartment.

Goff aired out some gems, showing signs of his successful college days, but Drew Brees had much more ammunition. Aside from his accurate arm, (310 yards/4 touchdowns) the Saints shopped lifted at the Rams gridiron Gap, uncontested – like no one was minding the store.

New Orleans running back Mark Ingram mauled LA with 16 carries for 146 yards, 10 days after being knocked unconscious in Carolina.

Saints coach Sean Payton toyed with his former defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, employing a furtive 50-yard flea flicker touchdown pass by receiver Willie Snead to running back Tim Hightower.

And where Fisher played it safe on 4th and 1, Payton prevailed twice in that situation with back-to-back TD’s in the process, less than two minutes apart.

Two turnovers and six penalties for 62 yards was another ugly stat for the reeling Rams, who even when they make a great play, find a way to cause collateral damage on their next set of downs.

Next week LA takes their rickety road show to New England, who even without the grit of Rob Gronkowski, may be more difficult than their encounter in The Big Easy.






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