Tom Brady And His Brood Put Rams Out To Pasture With 23-10 Rout

Sunday there was no close shave at Gillette Stadium as the Patriots put the Rams out to pasture with a 23-10 win that looked much closer in the rear view mirror.

Rookie quarterback Jared Goff relished no favors from his receivers who dropped more passes than a drunken sailor at a dive bar.

The coveted Case Keenum replacement was compromised once again with a maligned O line and once prominent defense that couldn’t tackle their way out of a paper bag.

How bad is Jeff Fisher’s field of flunkies? On a 4th and 1 during New England’s first possession, Rams safety Maurice Alexander actually ran in the opposite direction of running back LeGarrette Blount, allowing for 6 points in lieu of a fresh set of downs.

The “franchise,” that Jeff Fisher traded the future for, was sacked 4 times, intercepted twice, and got a tad of integrity too little too late on a 4th quarter pass for their only TD with less than two minutes to play.

And for all of his bad coaching decisions, Fisher was rewarded two more years – which is consistent with the climate of the country when choosing a leader who is clueless in being commander in chief.

On a day when Goff was god awful, his counterpart, Tom Brady, became the NFL’s winningest quarterback, surpassing retired elder- statesman Peyton Manning with 201.

The Pats, even without the services of the elite tight end, Rob Gronkowski, will most likely make another Super Bowl appearance, while the Rams will wallow to a 5-11 record if they can defeat Chip Kelly’s hero-less San Francisco 49ers.

And while Fisher and his incompetent crew continue to drive this storied franchise into the gridiron ground, Eric Dickerson will talk the critical talk and watch his former team fail far from the Coliseum sidelines.


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