Brady Gets Ring Number Five In An Historic Overtime Victory Over Atlanta

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady struck again with a 34-28 come from behind win, becoming the first coach and quarterback duo to win five Super Bowls, in a Texas thriller with all the overtime fixins’.

In a career spanning seventeen years, Brady has compiled quite a record collection. Sunday night he added another NFL LP to his trophy case, finishing 43-62, the most attempts in Super Bowl history, for 466 yards, and two touchdowns.

The Atlanta Falcons were three minutes and change from a field goal that would have put the Patriots out to pasture, but one of a series of defensive holds opened the floodgates for one of the biggest epic fails in Super Bowl history.

Up 28-9 heading into the fourth quarter, Matt Ryan, the league MVP, seemed destined to derail Tom Brady from becoming the greatest quarterback of all time.

With Devonta Freeman weaving through New England’s sieve of a secondary, and Julio Jones making Jared Cook catches on the sidelines, the Patriots looked like a veteran band that couldn’t quite sing on key.

In the first three quarters, Brady was overthrowing, his receivers were dropping passes, Stephen  Gostkowski missed an extra point, and their running game was, well, somewhere in Siberia.

Both quarterbacks were sacked five times, but Dont’a Hightower’s sack causing fumble in the 4th quarter was a low point for Matt Ryan, as that gave New England hope – which is a gift you don’t want to hand to the Patriots when a Super Bowl victory is on the line.

Fueled by that fateful turnover, Brady and his faithful following went Glenn Close, and wouldn’t be denied. With a little bit of luck and a lot of experience, the Patriots proceeded to take advantage of a younger team that failed to put them away.

Trailing by eight points, with just over two minutes to play, Brady fired over the middle toward three Falcon defenders, and Julian Edelman happened to be at the right place and the right time, as the ball deflected off of the appendages of Robert Alford and Ricardo Allen, miraculously landing into Edelman’s hands, without touching the ground.

The Pats eventually scored on a James White’s one-yard dive into the end zone, and tied it with Danny Amendola’s two-point conversion catch.

The Falcons got the ball back with less than a minute, but couldn’t make a meal out of meager yardage, and when the coin toss in overtime was in New England’s favor, you just knew Atlanta was going home without Championship hats.

Brady quickly drove downfield like a Nascar driver, doing what he does best – short completed passes to right and left. And before the checkered flag, came a yellow one against Atlanta, once again. This time for pass interference, a couple of yards shy of the goal line.  On second down, the Patriot, who tortured the Falcons all day long, James White, barreled into the end zone for the winning touchdown and a date with Disney World.

While Brady had Super Bowl MVP numbers, he wouldn’t be hoisting that trophy if not for the services of his red hot running back, who logged 129 total yards on 6 carries, 14 receptions and three TD’s.

One thing you have to give the Patriots credit for, every game a different hero steps up to the plate. Sunday night Chris Hogan was quiet, as well as Dion Lewis. So, James White became the new weapon in Brady’s toolbox. And to think they got another ring without their most prolific ringleader, Rob Gronkowski. God, I hate them.




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