Ex-Knick Amar’e Stoudemire is Mired in LGBT Hate

Amar’e Stoudemire professed a lack of amore to the LGBT community yesterday, spewing hateful rhetoric regarding his fellow NBA brothers.

Asked about having a gay teammate, Stoudemire said: “I’m going to shower across the street. Make sure my change of clothes are around the corner. And I’m going to drive — take a different route to the gym.”

After backlash abounded, the former Knick, now making jump shots in Jerusalem, apologized for his offensive remarks claiming they were said in jest.

“I want to apologize for my offensive comments against the LGBT community. These remarks were taken from a larger interview where a reporter was asking me hypothetical questions, and all my answers had a comedic undertone. The answers I gave were meant to be taken as jokes & I am deeply sorry for offending anyone. I am open to creating a dialogue to assist the fight the LGBT community encounters daily and will continue focus on playing basketball”

Unfortunately, this is Stoudemire’s second technical foul in the repugnant department. In 2012 he was find $50,000 by the NBA after tweeting a gay slur to a NY Knick fan who called him out on his poor play.

That time, he didn’t try to douse his derogatory statement, passing it off as a joke, instead giving this seemingly heartfelt offering.

“I am a huge supporter of civil rights for all people,” he said. “I am disappointed in myself for my statement to a fan. I should have known better and there is no excuse.”

As a black man residing in Israel, a Country forever inundated with acts of intolerance, shame on Amar’e for adding one more mea culpa to his hateful NBA stats.

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