Lakers Lose Ground In Their Quest For The First Round Draft Pick By Beating The Phoenix Suns

In most cases fans would be thrilled for their team to snap an eight game losing streak, but Thursday night the Lakers picked the wrong time to be on the right side of a 122–110 victory.

By beating the equally sorry Phoenix Suns, they fall further back from grabbing the Holy Grail of hard court gifts – the top pick in the NBA draft.

How crappy it must feel as a professional athlete to enter a game knowing that losing is the better outcome, when winning has been the goal your entire career.

For Luke Walton, coming off of successful seasons as an assistant coach under Steve Kerr, what type of pep talk do you give to your struggling team looking for some light at the end of this season of turmoil when you know being bad will be better?

Maybe this would have been the night to play Timofey Mozgov, and Metta World Peace so they could have lost fair and square without any talk of them purposefully tanking.

And even though the LA fans must have secretly delighted seeing Brandon Ingram spin to the hoop like Steph Curry, and D’Angelo Russell score 28, nine of which from behind the arc, they will pray that for the future of the franchise, the Lakers lose the majority of their last 17 games.

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