Tiger Woods Woes Off The Fairway Continue

From sex addition, to a series of unsuccessful back surgeries, and his obsession with becoming a Navy SEAL, the once celebrated Tiger Woods can’t find the fairway in his personal life.

Monday morning he was found by Florida police on the side of the road asleep in his car, the only visible damage were deflated tires and dented bumpers to his 2015 black Mercedes Benz.

Today it was reported that his Memorial Day DUI mishap was not the result of alcohol, but instead stemmed from an unexpected reaction to a mixture of prescription medication.

Taking responsibility for the severity of his actions, in a statement released Monday night he was remorseful to his family and fans. It’s unfortunate that the 14-time major champion can’t get a grip on his game and the demons that haunt him. And on that fateful ride to wherever, what a shame that the only club missing from his decorated golf bag was a designated driver.




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