Mets Are Much Ado About Nothing At Dodger Stadium

Four nights at Chavez Ravine were a massacre for the Mets. Like watching a brutal boxing match, I felt the home plate umpire could have waved off the Dodgers on many occasions.

It’s tough being positive in these trying times.   As a fan I want to be supportive and not kick my team when they’re down. So, without droning on about how poorly they’re playing, what can they do to move in a more positive direction?

They can’t continue to play Jose Reyes just because he’s a veteran and once in too many at bats he does something offensively. His defense is spotty, and even though he still has the ability to steal a base, he’s not on base enough for it to matter.

Michael Conforto has to hit. Period. Is he just plain slumping, or is his back still bothering him? He needs to be more dependable – the kind of player who when he isn’t in the starting line-up, comes off the bench with a big hit.

The Mets are missing spunk. They don’t have that one electric player that just lights up the stadium, as well as the scoreboard. Being at Dodger Stadium for Tuesday night’s disaster, there was so much excitement in the crowd whenever Corey Seager or Cody Bellinger came to the plate.

It’s time to bring up Amed Rosario. Maybe it will infuse new life into this lackluster team, like when Yoesnis Cespedes joined the Mets mid-season in 2015.   If anything, we know for certain his defense alone would make a huge difference.

And for all the criticism that’s been directed at Terry Collins, a lot of it warranted, he got dealt a bad deck. Even when he makes the right moves they blow up in his face, like Thursday night when he brought in a rested Jerry Blevins – who walked in two runs.

Giving Collins the boot given what he’s inherited, in what appears to be his final year, seems harsh. He’s been expected to make a gourmet meal with limited ingredients and firing him would send a message that the Mets are throwing in the towel.

So, the best way for me to deal with the disappointment is to have a sense of humor. The other day a non-sports caring friend randomly asked me how the Mets did and I responded, “Great. They didn’t play.”

Hopefully they can gain some self-respect up north against the San Francisco Giants who are in the throws of their own disconcerting season.

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