The Nationals Take Advantage Of The Mets Poor Pitching And Defensive Blunders

A day after the Mets bullpen made a mess of Steven Matz’s masterful seven innings, starter Seth Lugo crashed and burned at the batting gloved hands of the Nationals explosive line-up.

The Mets have been the Nationals bitch in head to head match-ups this season with Daniel Murphy avenging his former team like a vindictive jilted lover.

As difficult it is to witness Murphy perpetually punish Mets pitching, the damage NY inflicts upon themselves is almost as painful to watch.

Jay Bruce’s mishandling of Bryce Harper’s single to right, and Murphy’s sharp grounder off the glove of Wilmer Flores definitely contributed to Lugo’s demise. At times it seems like the Mets have morphed into one collective head case.

Whenever there is a glimmer of hope, it’s immediately stifled by bad defensive play, starting pitching with duel personalities, bullpen implosion, and dubious managing decisions.

And then there’s the conditioning regiment that baffles the mind with franchise players – don’t get me started on the weight lifting with pitchers, like Yoenis Cespedes, whose lack of hydration because he didn’t like to drink water was either unmonitored or accepted for years.

This is a guy prone to hamstring injuries due to cramping, and they’re now first discovering that it may be due to his aversion to H20?

Let’s face it. The Mets are a rudderless ship. Yes, they have unfortunately been plagued up the wazoo with injuries, yet it doesn’t dismiss the poor performances of healthy players who are on the field night after night not making plays they are paid quite handsomely to do.

Jacob deGrom is capable of giving his team a boost on Wednesday by avoiding a sweep, but his golden arm every five days to get the Mets back in the race will be harder than my freaked out dog finding solace tonight with Fourth of July fireworks.


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