The Dodger’s Destiny Falls On Challenging Times

As I’ve made peace with the Mets year of discontent, my heart goes out to the devoted Dodger fans trying to make sense of the colossal collapse that has invaded their once invincible team.

The pitching rotation that looked suspect on paper prevailed up until what appeared to be an innocuous loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. An injury to ace Clayton Kershaw didn’t seem as serious a blow until every other starter failed to keep the ball club afloat.

A sidelined Corey Seager along with rookie sensation Cody Bellinger’s unforeseen silent bat added more concern as the 20 game lead in the NL West began to shrink faster than Angelina Jolie’s waistline.

Now mired in a 10 game losing streak, the Sports Illustrated Cover jinx of Justin Turner being doused with a bucket of victory Gatorade drink poured by Yasiel Puig is ever more profound.

With the question posed, Best. Team. Ever? Now inquiring minds want to know, are they the best team to never win another game this season?

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