It’s Time for a New Narrative for Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw followed up a futile NLCS opener with a seven-inning beauty to bring his cronies one victory from a return trip to the Fall Classic.

Haunted by his postseason past, the vulnerable veteran kept the Brewers at bay with a series of fastballs, curves and sliders – surrendering one run on three hits, striking out nine with a pair of walks.

With so much at stake, Kershaw was clutch at a time in his career when a big win has been elusive.

The three-time Cy Young Award winner may have momentarily gotten the monkey off his back, but his legacy will be called into question if the Dodgers don’t make it out of Miller Park alive.

Being a commodity consecutively during the regular season has punched his ticket numerous times to play in October. But without a championship ring on his finger, he’ll always be remembered as the best man who never made it to the altar.

This could be the last year the left-hander dons Dodger blue – and for all of his stellar years of service, it would be a shame to come up short once again.

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