Oops! They Did it Again. New England Beats LA in Atlanta

When the team you root for during the regular season is the NY Giants, you have a hate affair with the New England Patriots. This game had the makings of a monumental upset, but a Jewish kid from California got in the way.

It seemed like an omen in the Rams favor when Tom Brady threw an interception on his first pass. Unfortunately, for me and city of LA hopefuls – the GOAT didn’t have to be his best – because a fellow Patriot brought his “A” game.

Sean McVay’s front line got to the golden boy, but his secondary could not outwit the route running genius of Julian Edelman. All day long the diminutive wide receiver uttered, “Meep meep,” leaving every Wade Phillips led Wylie Coyote defender in a pile of dust.

The newly crowned Super Bowl MVP was as dependable as a 24-Hour Diner. Decent Food. Always open – even on Sundays. And what a meal he served up – 10 receptions for 141 yards – securing a for sure place in the NFL Hall of Fame.

After Wes Welker walked away from New England for a more lucrative contract in Colorado, and Danny Amendola followed suit to Miami in 2017, Edelman has rocked the receiving reins to his third Championship ring.

With my life long allegiance to the NY Giants, I curse the TV the countless times he catches a third and long – never fully embracing the beauty of his god given talent. I want to, but it’s fan business.

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m envious he plays for the Pats. So in order to appreciate his prowess, and not cheat on the team I love, I may have to join a fantasy football league and hope that my Jewish brother from another father stays healthy.

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